no time, no air

mercoledì 30 aprile 2008

Finally Ive some free time to upload my blog and some pictures about my last weekend!
Ive so much fun with all of my best friends!
Here some pictures!

I love these girls so much and I cant wait for this summer for pass neverending time with them
Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend like I did

where is spring???

martedì 22 aprile 2008

it's like a month that spring has started and i dont know why, the sky is always cloudy! where is the sun?? this year italy's weather sucks! i hope that the summer will be much better!!

in these days im so busy because im working hard for the university studies.. yesterday i started a study about women in the 15/16 century, in italy of course..

well. the 24th im going to have a wonderful dinner at a vegan restaurant in cattolica, ristohsawa

i hope you all have a great week!!