martedì 25 marzo 2008

I can't believe that my days off have already finished
and, most of all, I can't believe that October Road, an amazing "american drama" is finished too!
They made 2 seasons: the 1st have only 5 episodes and the 2nd only 13!
I hope it'll be a 3rd season.. but I read that maybe it wont! :(

Another good news.. Jericho is over.. maybe forever!! :(
Luckly Gossip Girl re-start the 4/21! I can't wait!! :]

Now I am going to watch Lost.. I hope it will continue FOREVER! :D

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Amy ha detto...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog!

Jill ha detto...

Hi there! Thanks for not giving up on October Road! It really has evolved so much, especially Eddie's character!

It was announced recently that there is a 50/50 chance for a third season of October Road, and it mostly depends on us, the fans to bring it back. Below is a link to the abc October Road Message boards. You will find many resources to help save the show as well as many other OR related posts. I hope to see you there! We can do this! We have had a huge response so far!


We have also launched a "Pay October Road Forward" campaign to recruit new viewers, since a lack of viewers is why it's future is unknown. I really hope to see you on the boards! Please spread the word!

Ladybastard ha detto...

ahahahhahha!!!! speriamo che pure gossip girl duri x sempreeeeee!