it was the time...

lunedì 31 marzo 2008

...for change my hair colour :]
back to dark hair!!
and get a brand new CUPCAKE TATTOO :)

(thanks to Vincenzo Bandiera->

saturday afternoon me and nicola had a great time with our bikes :]

...and we met a new friend :)

have a nice week!!


martedì 25 marzo 2008

I can't believe that my days off have already finished
and, most of all, I can't believe that October Road, an amazing "american drama" is finished too!
They made 2 seasons: the 1st have only 5 episodes and the 2nd only 13!
I hope it'll be a 3rd season.. but I read that maybe it wont! :(

Another good news.. Jericho is over.. maybe forever!! :(
Luckly Gossip Girl re-start the 4/21! I can't wait!! :]

Now I am going to watch Lost.. I hope it will continue FOREVER! :D

I have a super funny friend :]

sabato 22 marzo 2008

Hi everybody :]
Two days ago I was so creative and I made this funny paint of one of the best girl ever :]

She makes me laugh everytime I talk to her.. and I love her so much!


"Pay it forward"

sabato 15 marzo 2008

"Pay it forward"

Oggi sono andata a fare un giretto sul blog della mia bellissima amica Roby ( e ho visto questo bellissimo giochino che dovete fare tutte:
1) le prime 3 persone che lasceranno un commento a questo post riceveranno un regalino fatto a mano da me entro i prossimi 365 giorni;
2) in cambio dovranno a loro volta "pagare" assumendosi lo stesso impegno sul loro blog;
3) spedirò il regalo solo a coloro che avranno pubblicato un messaggio analogo.

Chissà chi saranno le prime 3 a commentare ;)

"Pay it forward"
Today i visit Roby's blog ( and I read about a cute game you must enjoy :):
1) the first 3 persons who will leave a comment on this post will receive a present handmade by me into the next 365 days;
2) you have to "pay", doing the same thing on your blog;
3) I will send the present just to persons who will post this on their blog.

I'm curious to know who will be the first 3 girls to comment ;)


Have a nice weekend



fabric and glue

giovedì 13 marzo 2008

Hey everybody! How are you doing today??
Finally, here, the weather seems to be very very good! I think that the SPRING finally is HERE!!

Take a look at this funny stuff I made this morning :]